4 Latina-Owned Businesses to Support

Peach Box Co

Peach Box is the place to shop from if you’re looking for corporate gifting or personalized gift boxes. They source ethically manufactured products, and each box is wrapped in biodegradable packaging. We actually did a giveaway of one of their gift boxes a while back!

Female Alchemy

Female Alchemy is a Miami based ceramics shop that creates functional art pieces for your home. Such as planters, mugs & vases. If you’re looking for a statement or a conversation piece for your home check them out!

Concrete Geometric

Concrete Geometric helps you create concrete pots from whatever plastic containers you might have at home. If you’re not the DIY type of person, no worries! They also sell beautiful colored concrete planters.

Cosmic Grounding

Cosmic Grounding is a Texas based candle shop. They reuse and recycle dishes that are typical of Mexican culture and create unique candles to adorn your home. I’ll let this picture speak for itself!

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