Letters From The Heart: Lyrric's Story

What are the lessons you've learned that empowered you to love yourself?

One of the most important lessons I have come to know is that there is nothing too impossible to conquer. For me, loving myself started when I learned how to believe in my purpose. Once I was able to truly grasp what my purpose was, I was able to grasp who I was. The two became interchangeable and worked in tandem to build my overall self-awareness and love.

 What advice would you give your younger self?

I would tell my younger self that failure is never the worst lesson to learn, not trying at all is. Because we all have tried something new at some point in our lives, it is understood that everything will not fit perfectly into what you think your life should be. Contrary to your doubts, continue to move with your first instinct and be confident in your decisions. The decisions you have made are for you and you alone. No one can walk your path but you, that is what makes this life so unique, it is yours.

If today was your last day, what is that one thing you would want every woman to know and understand?

I would want every woman to know that our hardest moments help shape who we will be to those we know, may meet, and hear our names in passing. Our strength to go on and to live fearlessly is our eternal feminine superpower. It is how we use that superpower on the daily that counts most.

Written by: Lyrric Jackson




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