The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide for Every Woman in Your Life

The holidays are one of the best times of the year, except, of course, when Aunt Louise gives you that hideous cat sweater that you cannot return. Sorry, Aunt Louise! Do you have a woman in your life that is hard to buy for? Whether it be a friend, a sister, or even yourself then I am here to provide an amazing holiday gift guide for you to help you along the way to getting the best gifts for the best women in your life, and maybe even a little treat for yourself.


1. Get Your Ouai Kit $38

Ouai Shampoo Gift Set


This amazing smelling hair brand was created by Celebrity Hairstylist Jen Atkin. Every hair product is designed with the customer in mind to help repair hair to its natural glory. The shampoos and conditioners are sulfate-free to help keep your color intact for longer wear in between salon appointments. Plus, the dry shampoo in this kit smells like roses; who does not want to smell like a freshly plucked flower?


2. Alice Alexander Cass Dress $235

Black Dress

This beautiful classic dress would make anyone take a second glance. It is the perfect LBD (Little black dress) to wear all year round. Alice Alexander is a size-inclusive brand; ethically and sustainably made in Philadelphia. Each piece is made to order for tall, regular and petite women, however they are currently transitioning to small batch production in the coming year.


3. Be Merry Peach Box Co $77.90

Gift Set

This is the perfect gift for anyone that likes things sweet and a little spicy. This kit includes a notebook and pen, a cute coffee mug, Mexican hot chocolate mix, and a gingerbread crumble snack. Peachbox co is a Latina owned startup from Boston, Massachusetts that create easy and effortless gifting. Each gift box is hand wrapped, and the best part, you ask? They use biodegradable paper in every box to help save the planet. So not only are you giving the perfect gift, but also helping the environment in return.


4. The Dewy Look Glossier Kit $50Glossier Dewy Gift Kit

This kit is the perfect kit to give you that dewy look. It will give you glowing cheeks and shiny kissable lips. This is the best for busy working women on the go. It gives that natural makeup-less look with just the slightest amount of effort. Glossier was founded in 2014 for the customer in mind; they set out to make thoughtful, cruelty-free products for the modern woman.

Buying gifts can sometimes be time-consuming, but hopefully, this gift guide can help solve some of your gift-giving woes. The holidays are more than just gifts; they are also about spending time with the people you love. A gift can put a smile on someone’s face but remember, time is also a valuable gift.



Written by: Megan Story



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