The Untapped Gold Mine of Personal Storytelling

Many of us grew up surrounded by stories. Until this day we are constantly communicating through stories about something that happened at work, school or on the way home. You might recall a fun bedtime story from your childhood or maybe it was a one sentence story about “La Llorona” and how she takes kids who do not go to bed early. Whichever the case, you have experienced the power of storytelling.

Storytelling is a creative process just like fashion, architecture, etc. Some stories explore cultural traditions, some explore drama, some horror and comedy. We are used to the stories of hero’s vs villains. Stories of biblical characters and the challenges they faced. Stories surrounded by comedy such as those produced by Mario Moreno aka Cantinflas. But, what we are not used to are stories from everyday people who are still going through this roller coaster we call life.

What is the importance of personal storytelling? Well, there are many benefits but the first one that comes to mind is that it allows us to share our individual realities. Life for a migrant worker is different from the life of a receptionist. The experiences are different therefore the lessons learned are different. Now, if you add the diversity of cultural backgrounds as well as age you will end up with a plethora of experiences and lessons learned.

While we might not like to accept it, a simple look at a university cafeteria or a lunch room in a business will reveal that we tend to hang around people who look like us, or share our values, beliefs or age. This is how we end up missing out on the gold mine of experiences from an entire group. Only to end up creating movements such as the Me Too Movement, or the Black Lives Matter Movement, where people finally come together to share and speak about their realities.

For this reason, we decided to use this platform and start sharing the stories of everyday women. To inspire the younger generations to love themselves. These women were bold enough to open their hearts and share their stories with us, and now with you. So, over the next couple of months we will be publishing the stories we have received under the title “Letters from the Heart”. We know you will enjoy them, and if you'd like to be part of it feel free to reach out to us.

With love,


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